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The Pursuit Of Perfection

Project development whirls around one tiny casus: planned ideas, written into game design document, sometimes can't be accomplished due to insufficient experience points. Killing boars won't gain required experience for leveling u...

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Update Coming Soon
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There were woolly mammoths and dinosaurs since last time this website was updated. But nevertheless - here it is, da update!

This will be the last update for this version of website. I'm planning to remake it. There's no point improving this version cuz it's a pure mess here. So when? Good question and my all-time favorite answer is "SOON!".

I have worked on my game for last two and half years. It's been quite an adventure and there still tonz of work to do. There was moment when I hit 90% of the game's progress but later it occurred that last 10% is yet another 90% of spent time. Game is imrpoved a lot and soon to be released.

I have to clean the game and release beta version for testers, reviewers, press and others. Only then I will deal with this website.

Things will go serious as the game is going commercial so the changes are inevitable.

Meanwhile you can browse this website for some other goodies. If you want latest news concerning my projects then follow me on twitter. I'm most active there. There is DevLog about Smintheus on TigSource forums. Additionally, if you wanna some brief summary of the progress then take a look at my Tumblr profile.

So, that's it, folks! We'll meet again!

Yours truly,
Henrik Chukhran aka "Neuton Mouse"
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Smintheus Project Smintheus is upcoming 2D puzzle game where you play as mouse engineer who abandoned his home in search of protection from his mad neighbor cat. However, the cat is restless and went to chase the poor mouse out.

In Smintheus you must guide your character throughout dangerous places filled with puzzles and riddles by fighting or building your way out. The game experiences final development stage and soon to be released. So, stay tuned with Smintheus! Don't let the cat beat up our mouse!

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Spotlight: Across The Rubicon track
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Neuton Mouse - Dogmatica

Latest Sensation: Dogmatica album
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Neuton Mouse Portrait




So... you might wonder what or who lies beneath this website, mightn't you?


Behold! Henrik Chukhran, also known as «Neuton Mouse», at your service! Frankly speaking, I have no idea what your first impression is. Perhaps, you think I am some guy who just came out from the pub with three sheets to the wind, to write fancy text like this you're reading now. It is quite possible you reckon that the author of this website is hell of a Olympic God. Ha! In both cases, dear sir or madam, you may be right :)


I adore creativity and follow the cult of constructive endeavor. Creating new things brings me a cosmic pleasure. One day a question came to my mind: «What is the point of all this if no one knows about it but me?». That is why I created this place – to store and share some materialized ideas of mine with public. You are free to explore the depths of this helter-skelter realm called


Here you can find, in most cases, magical synthesizer music verging on underground stream. The style of this music can be described as a mix of 80s, electronic jazz and progressive rock elements. Of course, I do not limit myself in genres but still... at least one of those elements mentioned above can be found or felt on any track made by me. In addition, I rarely use popular «verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus» model. More like «a-b-c-d-e-f-g...» model which makes hard for most listeners to understand it but despite all this is not amateur music! I dare to say that this music is professional from the side of musical theory. Alas! Not classical one...

Neuton Mouse Photo

Now, next to music comes the video games. I've had a decade of playing and fooling around with game development realms using this and that... but never brough anything serious in front of public. Games I've made in past are, frankly speaking, complete garbage. But they served their purpose - a large portions of experience were granted and I've got few level ups. I've decided to take path as game developer for real. 


In past web site used to be place that has more than the stuff mentioned in previous paragraphs, but now, the stuff is eliminated from existence temporary removed. Not now!


Ok, dear folks. I hope you will enjoy everything as much as I enjoyed creating it. For more information check social pages and don't hesitate to contact with me. I do not bite! Well... maybe sometimes. And yes, I live life in the fast lane ;)


Special thanks goes to Clinton Thomas Ratzin, Carl Leica, Kris Makara and Paul Danyliuk for support.


Best regards,

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