Hey, what's up? My name is Henrik Chukhran aka "Neuton Mouse" and this is my blog. I'm planning to post here about game development, music production, sound design, gaming in general and other related stuff. Most of these posts will deal with my own projects but sometimes there will be exceptions. Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on one of the social network pages placed below here.

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It is done!

July 15, 2021

Quite a long gap since the last devlog entry, isn’t it? Well, this time I got the big news: after 6 long years, development of Smintheus is finally finished. I’d be honest with you - I never thought this day would come, felt like this project would spin around me till my last breath. But here it is! Alright... Let’s dwell on it, shall we?

gamedev smintheus

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Devtober - Post Mortem

November 3, 2019

Hi everybody, long time no see! At the beginning of October, I started noticing that several tweets on my feed included #Devtober tag inside their posts. My curiosity brought me to a specific page, basically explaining what it’s all about. Devtober turned out to be a kind of challenge aimed for game developers. After reading the article, I decided to take part in this event. Today’s article is going to cover my progress over Smintheus during the challenge, share my experience with cross-compiling Smintheus on Linux to Windows, provide a quick overview over level design and drop a few miscellaneous words.

gamedev smintheus

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Space Holidays 2018: Interstellar Discovery

December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas everyone! I wrote a new spacesynth track specially dedicated to the new volume of album series called “Space Holidays” by Space Sound Records label. I’ll dwell on this topic little bit, talk about how the tune was created and, of course, end the story with few words about my current game development situation.

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The Great Underground Level Design's header

The Great Underground Level Design

September 19, 2018

Ssup people! In this post I will cover game development span that took place in July, August and first half of September. The main focus lies on level design, particularly great underground levels at the moment. I'll discuss other moments such as bug fixes, new features, improvements over old stuff as well as mention a walkthrough video made by one awesome person. All that, of course, is full of fancy pictures :p

gamedev smintheus

Vacation, Localization and GIFs's header

Vacation, Localization and GIFs

July 3, 2018

June was quite relaxing and somewhat unproductive. After events of previous post I was pretty exhausted. The beginning of summer brought immense chunk of heat which made any attempts to do work even more harder so I decided to take a break from gamedev for good. Although, some side work still had its place during recent moments and that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

gamedev smintheus programming


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It is done!
It is done!

Quite a long gap since the last devlog entry, isn’t it? Well, this time I got the big news: after 6 long years,...

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