About the Game

Dive into bizarre world of Smintheus and take a role of young craftsman Gerald who tries his best to survive the chase lead by his former friend - Lanky the cat. It seems like nothing is capable of stopping this mad and frantic cat, leaving escape as only option for survival.

But even that won't last forever - only hope is to rely on ones wits. Help Gerald survive the chase and lead him to the freedom!

Smintheus is action-adventure / puzzle game where you craft gadgets to overcome obstacles, fight enemies, manipulate environment and various creatures while being chased by crazy, but powerful cat whose life purpose is to capture you and kick your butt for no good reason.

Game is a hybrid of classical puzzle, adventure with RPG and survival elements including experimental twists inspired by various PC games of 90s.


Explore the world - Submerge into wacky and bizarre world of Smintheus inspired by golden era cartoons. Your journey will cover such areas as violet sand desert, the great underground, castle dungeon, sewers, swamp, floating islands and mysterious mushroom world. All kinds of characters will be met on your way - some of them will offer quests, some will share a bit of lore about the world and some... might stand on your way.

Unique puzzles - Encounter classical puzzles which involves moving boxes, triggering pressure plates and toggling switches. With addition to that, you'll meet unique puzzles that will involve gadget crafting, enemy manipulation, stealth mechanics and other crafty things unique to certain levels. There are lot of abstract puzzles that draws inspiration from golden age of point and click games.

Craft gadgets! - Smintheus core feature is crafting. Craft different gadgets that will either aid you against hostile environment or help you solve puzzles and avoid obstacles. More than 12 gadgets are at your disposal, You can also combine two or more gadgets to achieve totally different effect or just progress the game more efficiently.

The Cat - watch out for the main star of the show, Lanky the cat. He's tough, dangerous and completely out of his mind. Kicking butts is in his nature and he will use every chance to kick yours. Don't let that happen!

Fight! - Smash enemies with the good old wrench, shoot them from far away, use traps and even bombs against them. If you wish, it's quite possible to stay hidden and simply avoid hostile creatures.

Get powerful! - completing side quests or picking up books will grant you experience points which can be used to unlock various perks. These perks aren't necessary to complete the game, but they will make your journey much easier.

Liberating controls - game can be played with mouse, touchpad, keyboard or game pad. Nothing stops you from using them all at the same time.

Choose your tempo - control how fast the game is. Do you prefer slow or fast paced gameplay? Game allows you to change the game speed to your needs,

Lots of stuff! - items, powerups, non-player characters, shops, workshops, secret places, quests, dialogues, world maps and more!

Majestic Soundtrack - enjoy the retro music inspired by synth music of late 80s, tracker music of 90s and soundtracks of Amiga computer games as well as CD game music of same era.


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