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Neuton Mouse - Dogmatica 2012


Progressive spacesynth

«Space Sound Records would like to introduce you to another great release. Dogmatica is a progressive spacesynth album by Neuton Mouse that includes 13 magical tunes that differ from each other by sound and themes. Each track is unique for its non-repetitive structure that represents stories from the author's life. If you like non-traditional spacesynth music then it was made especially for you.»

(Space Sound Records)


Yep, as my label said, this is indeed true progressive and experemental spacesynth album which I can proudly present to the public. You will hear a wide spectrum of various musical themes combined with vintage sounds in this album. I must admit that this project will sound odd and quirky for most listeners since it follows progressive structure formula: through out any track from dogmatica you will not encounter repetition and monotony while listening to it. Frankly speaking, each track is some sort of roll call of melodies, sounds and themes. And no wonder... since each track represents story, written in notes rather than words.

Well enough words! A picture is worth a thousand words! (In this case it is music). Please feel free to listen to label promo mix or demo provided here. If you like it – you can purchase CD or individual track(s) via internet shops. You can also order CD from author with autograph if asked. I hope this musical piece shall bring you pleasant emotions. Give it a try!

Special thanks goes to: My Family & Friends, Aleksander Härmas, Carl Leica, Lauri Turjansalo, Marek Kolodynski and especially Natalia Chukhran - my mother, without her this album would not exist! :)


Dogmatica is debut progressive spacesynth album produced by Genrik Chukhran released on 23 December, 2012 through Space Sound Records label. Contain elements from following genres: Electronic, Demoscene, Italo Disco, Progressive Rock and Synthpop. Distribution: Audio CD and MP3. There are 13 tracks with 01:03:30 total play time.

Track «Pekka Kana» originally composed by Janne KivilahtiPiste Gamez).

Front/Back art cover made by Carl Leica discography link:
Space Sound Records website:


You can preview Promo Mix here!
But down below you can also preview full tracks in 128 kbps quality. Click on titles to play!


There are multiple ways to obtain Dogmatica album in both CD and MP3 format. Click on pictures on the right side from here to access popular music distributor stores.

Of course, you can purchase album from Space Sound Records or other on-line stores from this link (Search for Dogmatica album):

Space Sound Records:

Whoops! I used to sell CDs directly but right at the moment i'm out of CDs. Probably next time...
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