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In this section you can find all tracks that were not included in commercial albums or VA compilations. In most cases these tracks are old and of various genres. I decided not to do free tracks anymore after Dogmatica release (almost). So this page will be updated very rarely. All music in this section are under Creative Commons License «defense». If you plan to do remixes or something with these tracks please feel free to inform me of your work.

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Space Cuisine
Added: 23.12.2015 Spacesynth
Tune Image

New release for or from Space Holidays volume 7. This time i've done it traditional way, without that Neutonish mambo jambo you hear all the time. Reckon those who like Lightyear will love this as well.

Trip Into the Future
Added: 22.12.2014 Spacesynth
Tune Image

Probably the best track I ever made (for now... of course). Dedicated to all those lazy individuals with ambitious dreams that won't do anything for their butts to make their dreams come true.

Additionally, i'd call this track of New Era, which changed my life not so long ago thus affecting musical style a bit.

Across The Rubicon
Added: 24.12.2013 Spacesynth
Tune Image

Yet another Space Holidays entry (Volume 5). This is ice cream with spacesynth and demoscene flavor inside. If somebody wonders what Neuton was doin' all December, well... he was crossing the Rubicon! Hail the Caesar for the inspiration!!!

Zork Prototype OST
Added: 02.03.2013 Ambient
Tune Image

Soundtrack from Zork: Prototype demo game. Inspired by Zork Grand Inquisitor realm and music.

Earth and Universe
Added: 14.02.2013 Spacesynth
Tune Image

Originally made by MyVoice also known as Jukke Lundqvist, a well known demoscene artist of early zeros. This is not exactly accurate remake. It has some groovy flavor of mine and some other edits. Specially made for Space Holidays Volume 4.

Galaxy Union
Added: 29.01.2012 Spacesynth
Tune Image

Update: This is remastered 2012 version
The track is from the space - it''s my thought about future Galaxy Union that combines both human and alien beeings. Union that never stops to grow and moves ahead. Accompanied by catchy melodies and unique bass sound somehow made this tune to the public in past years.
PS: Original version made in 2007

Light Year
Added: 23. 12. 2011 Spacesynth
Tune Image

Debut song to my upcoming spacesynth album. Served as the contribution piece to Space Holidays Volume 3 digital album. Tune has juicy vocoder and nice sounds. Perhaps the first track where i used only hardware synths (except drums).

Added: 24. 11. 2011 Breakbeat
Tune Image

My first track of this kind of music. Inspired by Prodigy and, of course, Hellraiser franchise.
Note: comparing with others tracks - this might penetrate your ears : )

Comic B
Added: 2.01.2011 Demostyle
Tune Image

First 2011 release! Yeah, you can call this "2011 debut". Originally made by Martin Galway (Commodore 64 video game called Comic Bakery) and now remixed by me.

Demostyle rocks! : )

Space Theme
Added: 20.11.2010 Techno
Tune Image

Yet again another track made for the game - what game? Em... i guess it would remain unknown to you. But this track is good both for casual listening and for in-game music. Personally I like this music for its spacey atmosphere despite its genre.

Added: 20.11.2010 Trance
Tune Image

My first completed tune. It was originally created for a RHA game project but damn it's so good for the game so i decided to post this in my ws. It can be described like this: "Dancey late 90s like trance" - whatever just listen to it! :)

Secrets of the Dark
Added: 25. 04. 2010 Techno
Tune Image

I have made this track few years ago. It was a pure success in its style and genre that days, This tune combines some elements of 90's techno music and from movie sound tracks. The darkly atmosphere and fabulous turns and twists will definitely bring listener to the abode of darkness with its misterious secrets.

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