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Septarium project


2D top-down shooter game

Septarium is upcoming shareware game. Game plot is set in so called «NM Universe» (a little bit later about that) and takes place in 1722 when inhabitants of The Planet reached Space Era.

Their technologies considerably improved and moved further in explorations of outer space. Since population of the home planet started to increase in a speed of light council of The Planet decided to try to explore and colonize terrestrial planet called Septarium in their own planetary system.

Unfortunately governmental reconnaissance probe returned with bad news – looks like their old nemesis who sustained crushing defeat century ago and fled into obscurity colonized their dream planet. Enemy interceptors launched towards The Planet thus starting a new war to avenge their dishonor in the past...


Game mechanics will be similar to top-down shooter arena genres. Inspiration of the project was taken from such games as Crimsonland, Evil Invasion and Alien Shooter. It is planned to include 10-12 campaign missions with multiplayer cooperation and hardcore mode support. Through out the missions player will receive credits from funding service of all governments of The Planet which could be used to upgrade weapons or armor of his space ship. Main character will encounter different enemy units each one with unique behavior.

On Summer - Autumn 2013 period game engine was changed/rewritten in c++ using Allegro 5 with OpenGL. From January to October 2014 gameplay part was covered. On February 2015 the project was frozen.

The project is frozen. It was almost done (beta) - the current version of game is full of bugs and memory leaks. It's playable but unbearable - needs to be rewritten from scratch. So, dumped for the future.


The Pursuit Of PerfectionRemodeling established doctrines. 2014-04-14
Engine Completed!The End of engine's development.2013-11-15
The Space AdventureMemoirs of the forthcoming Septarium game.2013-09-05


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