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Smintheus project


2D Puzzle game

Smintheus is a game where player must fight or build his way out from hostile realms. The gameplay could be described as a hybrid puzzle mixed with various elements from survival, sandbox and adventure genres. In most cases player has to reach to the end of level safe and sound – numerous riddles, traps and army of monsters will try to intervene whenever possible. Player will gather items and resources, build gadgets and use tools both as utilities and weapons throughout the quest.




The game experiences 95% of development progress. It should be released on Summer 2016.
Besides, the game's on steam greenlight! You can give your positive vote on Steam Greenlight page. Just click right here... or use the picture!

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You'll be playing as Gerald the Mouse, an young and ambitious creature who is, in fact, a prominent engineer. Gerald had his casual life in peace and quiet until one day – his neighbor, Lanky the Cat, got really mad at Gerald for unknown reason and decided to get rid of the mouse once and for all. Why the cat is mad? No one knows for sure and, frankly, Gerald is not very keen on asking the cat about it personally... so, he ran away from the trouble. Unfortunately, that's not enough for a cat. Instead, Lanky went out to chase and catch that pesky mouse.

The game is designed to be fairly simple and yet complex in some manner. Smintheus focuses on observation and prudence – things can go surprisingly successful if one seizes the moment or poorly if player drops off by accident. Some puzzles and related dangers may require individual approach as they may bear rational and absurd logic at the same time – this, however, depends heavily on the biome. Main character is not a fighter but a builder. However, he can retaliate to danger with the tools or even self-made gadgets that can do dirty job in his behalf. Of course, if done carelessly these gadgets may backfire to its creator. The main antagonist is tough one so kicking his butt would be quite a challenge - for better things mouse must outsmart the cat. In Smintheus there are numbers of cultural references, secret places, hidden Easter eggs and other goodies that some explorers may find worth finding. Overall, whole adventure is both relaxing and tense, full of interesting and twisted moments. Author hopes that players will enjoy playing this game as much as he enjoyed creating it.




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